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What do indoor cats need?

Experienced indoor cat owners and vets sharing their knowledge and passion to bring you relevant information on keeping your house cats healthy and happy.

Indoor Cat Facts

Indoor Cat Facts

Advice, tips and fun cat facts and trivia you may not have known about you indoor cats. Did you know that cats learned to meow as a way of communicating with you?

Best Cat Food for Indoor Cats

Indoor Cat Food

Providing your house cat with the right nutrition to ensure it stays fit and healthy is extremely important. Here's what you need to know.

Catios and Outdoor Cat Enclsoure

Catios and Outdoor Cat Enclosures

What is a catio? If you want your cat to enjoy being outside but you are worried about letting them wander free, then a catio or cat enclosure might be the perfect solution.

Best Indoor Cat Breeds

Best Indoor Cat Breeds

Some breeds are better suited to being a house cat. Here are our top 10 picks for cats best suited to being an indoor cat.

Cat Accessories

Cat Accessories & Supplies

There are many indoor cat accessories and supplies on the market these days. Here we review the best ones on the market.

Indoor Cat Entertainment

Indoor Cat Entertainment

Making sure your house cat is entertained is an important aspect for an indoor cat owner. Here we explore some simple ways to keep them from becoming bored cats!

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My Indoor Cat, you can expect well-researched and helpful information, by indoor cat owners for house cat owners.  We make life easier for you by reviewing and comparing indoor cat supplies and accessories for all your cats needs. We are cat parents who love to research the details and bring you easy to read summaries so you can fully understand the products and make smart buying decisions to save yourself time and money.

My Indoor Cat

Best Indoor Cat Accessories & Supplies

Best Indoor Cat Food

Best Indoor Cat Food


A nutritious and balanced diet is vital for keeping your house cat fit and well.   Indoor cat food differs from regular cat food in a few key areas, here’s what to look for when buying it.  

Best Catio

Best Catio & Cat Enclosures


Catios can be an important part of your indoor cat furniture.  There are many different varieties and makes, here are our top picks.

My Indoor Cat

How We Compare & Choose

Expert knowledge to help you buy smart

We provide expert knowledge about cats, cat care and accessories including ratings and cat facts about what is best for your feline friends. We explain what sets a product apart from its competitors, and suggest other comparable products based on price or use.   

How To Transition Your Cat To A New Food

Changing your cat’s food can seem a little daunting – especially if you’ve just got a particularly fussy pet.  Will they like it? Will it give your cat an upset stomach? Of course, you want to make sure you transition foods in the best way possible, letting them adjust to the new flavours without the risk of causing them any pain or digestive problems.  So, here’s how to change cat food in a healthy way that will get them licking the plate clean and with no tummy upsets!


Why would you change your cat’s food?

But firstly, lets have a look at why you would want to change your cat’s food?  There are lots of reasons why pet owners decide to change their cat’s food. 


Bringing A New Cat Home: Tips To Prepare Your Home

Bringing a cat home is a really exciting time for all owners (or soon-to-be owners).  But it can also be a little nerve-wracking.  Will they settle in OK?  Is there anything you should specifically be doing to make it easier for both of you?  How should you manage the first day?  These are all normal questions that go through everyone’s mind in the run-up to adoption day.  But, luckily for you, we’ve come up with answers to make the transition home as smooth as possible.

It starts well before they arrive …

Whether you’re adopting or buying a cat, there are certain things you need to do before you pick them up.


Try to find out as much as possible about their history, particularly if it is an older cat being adopted.  Knowing your cat as best as  you can will help you understand their behavior and react accordingly.  You can also ask the foster home or breeder if there is anything in particular they like / dislike.


Bringing a new cat home
Bringing a new cat home
Our Top Accessory Picks For 2021

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