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Catios for Sale | Where to Buy a Catio (6 Choices)


Catios are an important feature in many indoor cats’ lives. They let your cat be outside safely whilst protecting the local environment and your kitty from potential dangers. But out of all the catios for sale how can you possibly know which is the best for you? What should you be looking for? Are all catios the same?

We’ve put together all the information you need to know about catios, so you can feel confident buying the best one for you and your furry friend! 

What Is a Catio? 

Catios come in all shapes and sizes. They can be a fairly simple box you add to your window or an elaborate, custom made-design at the bottom of the garden. Some are small and portable and others are wooden structures attached to your house. 

But the idea behind all catios is the same – for your indoor cat to enjoy a bit of the outdoors. Allowing them some fresh air can help relieve boredom (and extra scratching sessions on your sofa), engage their brains, get them moving a bit more, and simply provide a bit of stimulation. 

I have dedicated an entire article to discussing what is a catio, the benefits of catios and things to consider before buying or building a catio.

Our Catio Enclosure Choices

Catio Spaces Best Overall Great service 
Custom made DIY catio kits 
Habitat Haven Best for Design Huge variety 
Durable catios 
Great Service 
Kitty Walk Best for Renters/Portable Good variety of portable catios
Variety of sizes
More affordable 
Aivituvin Best for Multiple Cats Chic and robust design 
Different designs fit 1 to 10 cats 
Can be used indoors too 
Purrfect Fence Best for Gardens Fencing and full enclosure possibilities 
Unique design means cats can’t escape 
Lets your cat enjoy large spaces without a large structure 
Catland Enclosure Best Value Well-designed removable roof feature 
Good value 
Playpen style 

10 Benefits of Using a Catio 

outdoor catio for sale

There are lots of benefits when you have a catio. For you, your cat, and others around you! 

Protect Your Cat 

Outdoor cats get to roam as far as they like. Which is great for exercise and satisfying their curiosity, but not so great when it comes to busy roads, predators, and parasites. Letting your cat play in a catio is a fun way for them to explore and exercise whilst staying safe. 

Reduce Vet Bills 

Protecting your cat from potential dangers naturally reduces the number of times you need to go to the vet. Your cat could get injured during fights or pick up viruses such as Feline Leukemia Virus Infection (FeLV). A Catio helps to prevent these. 

Protect Birds and Wildlife 

Most of us are not just cat lovers but animal lovers in general. With an outdoor cat, it’s nearly impossible to buy bird feeders or birdhouses for your garden. In fact, we want to do everything we can to stop nature from entering the lion’s den. A catio is a great way for you to enjoy your garden and watch the birds flying around safely. 

Help Reduce The Free-Roaming Cat Population 

When outdoor cats go off, we never really know what they get up to. That includes who they meet up with. Unneutered cats could be mating with strays which contributes to the problem of street cats. Catios help to stop this. 

Reduce Indoor Cat Fights 

We all need a bit of space – and that goes for our cats too. A separate space that’s away from their ‘main’ area and other furry companions can really help to reduce potential turf wars. Cats also tend to playfight (which can sometimes look and sound like real fighting) when they’re bored. Catios can be full of toys, plants, and climbing frames that keep them entertained. 

It’s Good for You Too! 

Bonding with our pets is really important. It helps to relax us both and increase trust. Catios are the perfect place for you to spend some time with your kitty. If you decide to opt for a large structure, there’s usually enough space for a chair for you too! It’s a good way of getting outside for a break and spending some time with your cat. 

Keep Your Neighbors Happy 

Even though you love cats, your neighbors might not. They may be scared of them, or simply not appreciate your cat using their rose bed as a litter tray. There can also be rivalry problems when cats live next to each other which might lead to fights. A catio can help to keep everyone happy and safe. 

Reduce Indoor Cat Smells 

Having an outdoor litter tray can be a great way of reducing the natural stinky smells our cats produce! It shouldn’t replace having one indoors but it’s a good added extra and can make your life a little easier. 

Peace of Mind 

This is one of the biggest reasons why owners decide to get a catio. Buying an outdoor cat enclosure kit, or having one made is the perfect way for your cat to enjoy some outdoor space but without all the worry. You can know exactly where they are, that they’re safe and that they’re being stimulated by their surroundings.  

Freedom to Come and Go as They Please 

How many times have you opened a door for a cat and they’ve just stood in front of it? We all know cats don’t love being told what to do – which is why a catio is so great. Even structures in the garden can be attached to a window or door by a cat tunnel. Your cat is free to wander when they like and come back inside the moment it starts raining! 

6 Different Types of Catios for Sale 


There are many different types of catios and a shape and size for every situation! 

Window Catio 

Window catios for sale look a bit like air conditioning boxes with enough space for your cat to sit in them. They can be made from many different materials and are ideal for those who live in apartments. 

Balcony Catio 

Balcony catios almost enclose your balcony so that it’s safe for your cat to go out and they can’t jump off. This can be as simple as wire mesh around the balcony or an entire structure with climbing frames, seats, and hanging beds. 

Porch Catio 

This is a large cat enclosure that attaches to the front of your house. Surprisingly, it looks a little like a porch! These types of catio are bigger than a window one and are often big enough for a human to get inside too. 

Outdoor Cat Runs 

Outdoor cat runs are generally fairly large and are full of things for your cat to do. They can be made from different materials and some can be taken down (although not particularly portable) and others are more fixed. They’re quite similar to porch catios but are not attached to the house. 

Portable Catios 

Portable catios and outdoor cat enclosures for sale can be put up and down whenever you like. They can be pretty small (big enough for your cat to have a nap in the sunshine) or as large as a tepee. 

Cat Tunnels 

Cat tunnels come in all shapes and sizes. They can be a great toy for your indoor cat or used as a safe way for them to get to an outdoor cat run. Some cat tunnels are material and some are made from wood or harder materials which are more sturdy for outdoor use.  Read my article on cat tunnels for more information.

Which Catio Is Right for Your Cat? 

outdoor catio for sale 1

Not every cat enclosure for sale is the right one for you. There are different catios designed for different situations. So, what should you be thinking about before you purchase? 


Where you want to put your catio is really important. It also determines the kind of catio you can buy. Those who live in an apartment will want something a bit different from those who have a large garden. 


Catios range a lot in price. A small, portable outdoor catio is going to cost you a lot less than a custom-made outdoor enclosure. A DIY catio may be cheaper, but you need to be realistic as to whether you can really build it! It could be quite expensive to end up hiring someone to unpick your attempts! 

DIY, Buy, or Hire a Contractor? 

Again, this really depends on your budget, the location, and what you’re after. Many standard catios can be bought online and that’s probably the easiest thing to do if you want a relatively simple one. For a custom catio that will fit perfectly into the space you’re thinking of, you might want to consider hiring a contractor (although lots of online brands sell custom ones too).  

You could also do it yourself – but you’ll be the judge of if you’re up to it! 


This might not be the first thing you’d think of but deadlines are important. DIY catios (let’s be honest) will probably take a little longer – they may be more fun though! Are you getting a new cat? Transitioning your current outdoor cat to an indoor one? Then the quicker option of buying a catio may be better. 


You only need to think about regulations if you’re thinking of building a large structure for your cat. Most are OK, but it’s definitely worth double-checking (otherwise it could end up being an expensive and disappointing place for your kitty)! 

You also need to think about regulations if you’re renting the property. Most landlords won’t be happy with extra fixtures on the property! 

Buyer’s Guide 

You want to make sure you’re getting the best outdoor cat enclosure kit or ready-made catio. Here are a few things to think about to ensure your catio is as good as can be! 


It’s important that a catio is fun and safe for your cat to play and relax in. The materials it’s made from make all the difference.  

Most large catios for sale (such as porch catios or outdoor cat runs) have some form of wire. Wire is a good way of keeping your cats safe, whilst letting them ‘feel’ outdoors. To ensure it’s durable, it’s recommended that you use 16 gauge, galvanized wire that’s welded. It’s available in a variety of sizes. 

Flooring really depends on whether you’re using the existing floor (of, for example, your balcony) or if you want a new one. Think about using grass if you can as this will give it more of an outdoorsy feel. Decking and bricks are other good materials. 

Wood is a strong material to make catios out of. It looks nice, natural, and it’s attractive to cats too. It’s also durable and weather resistant. 

What’s in the box 

This is really important to think about when buying a DIY catio. Do you get everything you need? Are there any extra expenses you might have to deal with? Can you manage it all without paying someone? It’s worth checking! 

The Design 

Catios are a great way for your kitty to get a little more exercise. You can do this through ramps, climbing frames, and scratching posts. It’s also a good idea to think about space for toys (they’ll love ‘hunting’ them all over the catio) and even an area for you to enjoy too.  

You also want the outdoor enclosure to be safe for your cat and designed by industry experts. The materials need to be cat-friendly and sturdy to withstand all the jumping and playing! 

Reviews – Great Catios You Can Buy 

Here are our top pics of catios for every size, space, and budget! 

Catio Spaces – DIY Cat Enclosures

cat catio for sale

Catio Spaces is an award-winning cat outdoor enclosure provider. They offer a great variety of different catios that your cat will love. Whether you’re after a small window box, an outdoor tunnel, or a sanctuary big enough for you to sit in too, Catio Spaces has it all. 

Their outdoor cat enclosure kits are affordable and a great project for you to take on! You simply pay for the catio designs and receive a PDF with all the instructions you need. There’s a step-by-step guide, a material list (which you need to buy from your local home improvement store), and a tool list. 

You can choose from a window box, a haven catio, or a sanctuary catio and each design comes in various sizes, making it possible for most of us to find the correct fit. If, however, you have a special design in mind for a unique space, they also offer custom-designed catios. 


Catio Spaces are on the cheaper end of the scale (mainly because you have to build it and source the materials yourself)! 

Window boxes cost $39.95, haven catios $49.95, and sanctuary catios cost $59.95. The cost is the same regardless of which size you order. 

Of course, custom-made catios will be more expensive. 

If you’re not a particularly handy person and wouldn’t be keen to take on the challenge of building your own catio, you should think about buying a Catio Spaces design and asking a carpenter to do it for you. This may work out cheaper than other catios for sale. 


  • Both DIY and custom-made designs
  • More affordable than others 
  • Attractive designs 
  • Sturdy 
  • Cats love them!


  • You need to buy the materials yourself (which some may not like)!

Habitat Haven Catio Kits for Sale

cat catio enclosures for sale

Habitat Haven has a great variety of catios and cat enclosures for sale. They offer basic catio kits, build your own catio kits, and custom designs. They use high-quality materials that are strong and safe for your kitties to play on.  

There are 14 pre-designed catio kits to choose from. Depending on what you’re after, you can get a smaller ‘My Own Den Petit’ which is a relatively small (72 inches high) catio, or an enormous ‘The Great Escape’. The Great Escape has multiple enclosures, tunnels, floors, and places to hide.  

The build your own kits allow you to choose the different features you’d like from their extensive catalog. You can combine towers, stairs, bridges, and accessories to create your perfect catio! 

You can also opt for a custom-made catio that will fit into any space. 


Unlike Catio Spaces, Habitat Haven provides all the materials you need to build your catio. They are, therefore, more expensive. 

My Own Den Petit costs $1,495.94 with the option to add extra accessories such as hammocks for $53.95. The Great Escape costs $5,783.94. This is maybe more than other catios for sale, but the design is intricate, fun, and you get all the materials. 

You also receive clear instructions on how to construct the catios and the tools you’ll need. 

The price of both the Build Your Own Kits and the custom-designed catios will depend on which features you choose. 


  • Everything is included 
  • Great variety of designs and features 
  • Good-quality materials 
  • Easy to use website


  • More expensive than other DIY catios 

Kittywalk Outdoor Cat Enclosures

catio kits for sale

Kittywalk is a great option if you’re renting a house or don’t want to commit to a large structure for your cat. They have numerous, well-designed, catios which are easy to move and put up and down. 

Each design is made from high-quality mesh and materials so your cat can enjoy the best of the outdoors but without the chance of escaping. They offer individual designs, such as the Grand Prix and Tepee, or extra tunnels which connect together so you can create your own. 

Nearly all the designs can be folded down into a bag which is great for storage and when you and your kitty are on the move! 


These catios are less structural and are designed to be moved and folded away. The materials are therefore not as sturdy (although safe for your cat to be in) and cost less. 

The Kittywalk Teepee, which has 4 different levels and two entrances, costs $479.95. The Grand Prix, which is circular in shape and a little larger, costs $739.95. 


  • Variety of designs 
  • Portable catios
  • Not attached to a house so good for renters 
  • Well-made and sturdy 
  • Can create own catio by buying the curves and connective parts


  • Some designs are maybe not as entertaining as fixed catios 
  • Fairly expensive for a portable enclosure 
  • Not as easy for cats to go back and forth 

Aivituvin Outdoor Catios For Sale

large catio for sale

Aivituvin offers 10 different cat enclosures which range from small hutch-like spaces for one cat to a large, multi-level enclosure for up to 10 cats! They’re made of strong wood with asphalt roofs to make them even more weather-resistant. 

The different designs have different features, including sleeping areas, platforms, balconies, and bridges. Your order arrives with everything you need, as well as easy-to-follow instructions and a tool list. Although not too hard to assemble, it certainly helps if you have basic carpentry skills. 

This catio can be placed in front of a window or kitty door. It has an easy-to-remove back panel to let your cat move freely. 


Pricing depends on which of the 10 designs you choose. The second-largest catio, which has multiple levels and two sleeping spaces costs $436.99. 


  • Attractive Design
  • Multiple designs to choose from 
  • Great for multi-cat houses 
  • Weather-resistant 
  • Cheaper than other DIY catios available 


  • Not customizable 
  • Ground needs to be completely flat for it to be sturdy 

Purrfect Fence – Freestanding Cat Enclosures

where to buy a catio

We don’t all want a fully constructed, wooden enclosure taking up part of our garden. However much we love our cats. That’s why fencing is a really good and less intrusive alternative. 

The free-standing fencing from Purrfect Fence is uniquely designed (and patented) to curve over in a way that not even the most Houdini-like kitty can escape. The second your cat climbs to the top, the spring will buckle under your cat’s weight and they’ll safely return to the ground.  

If you already have a fenced-in garden, Purrfect Fence also offers their pivoting fence topper which can be added to your existing fence. They can also do full enclosures which are ideal for balconies, and smaller yards and gardens. 


50ft of fencing costs $719.99. With that, you receive all the posts, ties, and instructions you need. For an extra $34.99 you can also buy the installation tool kit. 

50ft of the existing fence conversion system costs $269.99. Their fully enclosed penthouse enclosure costs $1,899.99, so it’s more expensive than some other outdoor cat enclosure kits. It is, however, very high-quality and there’s plenty of space for you to be in there too!  


  • Alternative to a full structure 
  • But you can still get a catio if you want! 
  • Extremely high-quality 
  • Totally unique design
  • Great for gardens, balconies, and yards 


  • More expensive than other options 
  • Nonintrusive, but maybe not as attractive as other designs 

Catland Outdoor Enclosure 

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B09FH3FKY8&Format= SL500 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=myindoorcat 20&language=en USir?t=myindoorcat 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B09FH3FKY8

This large, Catland Enclosure is a really fun, well-made space for your cat to enjoy. It’s made of really strong wood and is well-designed for all your cat’s needs. It can be free-standing (the bottom opens up so your cat can enjoy grass) which makes it great for renters too.  

There are four fun jumping platforms, 2 sleeping areas, and an accessible ramp. This catio also comes with a removable roof. You can put it on to provide your cats with shade or protect them from rain, and take it off on a good day so they can see the sky! 

Your order arrives with all the materials you need and is relatively easy to assemble. You might need a spare pair of hands but the instructions are well written. 


The Catland playpen costs $299.99 USD. 


  • Well-priced compared to others 
  • Comes with ramps, sleeping areas, and jumping pads 
  • Great functionality with removable roof and floor 
  • Can stand alone or be used indoors 


  • Although safe, it’s perhaps not as sturdy as some others. Maybe not the best option if you have a very energetic cat!

Frequently Asked Questions About Catios

catio enclosure

Can an Overweight Cat Use a Catio?

Having an outdoor space to play and exercise in is a great way for your cat to lose a few pounds. It also helps them to engage in their surroundings and be happier. Most well-built catios should be sturdy enough to withstand overweight cats. We do, however, recommend checking the exact weight limits with the manufacturer. 

Is it Cheaper to Buy or Build a Catio?

If you are handy with some timber and wire mesh, you can design and build your own catio for less cost than buying a premade catio. You can design it to fit your space, number of cats and their exercise requirements, plus choose materials suitable for indoor use our outdoors.

What is the Upkeep of a Catio? 

A good quality catio should be low-maintenance. If it’s made from high-quality materials, it will withstand the usual wear and tear of a cat’s day-to-day life. It should also be pretty weather-resistant. Wood may deteriorate slightly over time, but a good lick of varnish will help.

How long will it take for my cat to get used to the new outdoor enclosure? 

That really depends on your cat. If your kitty has always been an indoor cat, they may be a little fearful of venturing out for the first few times. Likewise, if your cat is a recent indoor kitty, this new but limited outdoor space might be hard to get used to. It’s important you let them take their time. If you can, go out with them, make sure there are plenty of toys, and make it as comfortable as possible. They’ll love it before you know it!


Catios are a great addition to any indoor kitty’s life. They come in lots of different styles and the catios for sale that are right for you will depend on your living situation and budget. They can be really elaborate or have a fairly simple structure to help your cat get out more. The possibilities on this list are all high-quality and your cats are sure to love them! 

Which is your favorite? 

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