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10 Easy Going Indoor Cat Breeds for a Relaxed Happy House

Best Indoor Cat Breeds

While all cats can effectively live inside the home, some breeds are better suited to indoor settings rather than roaming the great outdoors. The best indoor cat breeds tend to be more chilled out and have adaptable temperaments, and aren’t too demanding of attention.

If a cat is high energy and doesn’t have the space to explore and play as needed, it may get destructive. 

More active breeds can thrive indoors, but you need to ensure that they get enough daily exercise. It depends on the setup of your home and the capacity for cat play space.

Ask yourself:

  • How much time will your cat be left alone at home?
  • What level of cat grooming are you keen to commit to?
  • What personality traits and characteristics do you like in a cat?

Your answers will help you make the best indoor cat breed decision for your circumstances.

Whether searching for the ideal indoor house cat or the best indoor cat for an apartment, you’re sure to find your perfect match.

Best Indoor Cat Breeds

The list below is the best cat breeds for indoor living.

Scottish Fold Cat – Best House Cat Breed

Scottish Fold Cat Breed

Quiet kitties, the Scottish Fold are calm, friendly, and adaptable to various living spaces. They are curious and clever and enjoy being engaged with whatever the humans of the home are up to. Always up for a game of fetch. Scottish Fold cats have large, round eyes, round bodies, and folded ears.

Our Scottish Fold Cat article covers this breed in depth.

Burmese Cat – Best as a Strictly Indoor Cat

Burmese Cat Breed

A social kitty, the Burmese cat breed are sweet feline friends. They love constant company from other pets or the humans of the home so they don’t get lonely. Home size isn’t important as long as they’ve got a variety of areas they can jump and leap from.

Indoor house cats

These guys love to hang with their humans and thrive in apartments as long as they have enough contact with you daily. They can entertain themselves but prefer human interaction. They are one of the most popular choices as indoor cats. Read our American Shorthair cat breed profile to learn why.

Sphynx – An Indoor Cat Breed That Doesn’t Shed

indoor cat breeds

Super friendly and affectionate, the Sphynx cats love to curl up in their favorite human’s lap. They’re highly intelligent and curious and (almost) completely hairless. Surprisingly, despite the hairless factor, they require a lot of grooming to keep their skin in tip-top condition.

A Sphynx could be for you if you work from home, are retired, or have time to spend with this intelligent cat breed. Learn all about Sphynx cat care here.

Himalayan – Medium Sized Indoor Cat Breed

which cats are best for indoors

Beautiful cats, the Himalayan make great pets for those willing to commit to quality nutrition, grooming and ensuring they get plenty of exercise. They are calm and gentle, with moments of high energy where they will rip through the home at a rate of knots before chilling out in a sunny spot.

Did you know that Himalayan cats originate from a mixed breed? Now officially recognized as a stand-alone breed, learn more about Himalayan cats here.

Birman – Playful Indoor Cat Breed

which breed of cat is best for indoors

This calm breed wants to be with its humans. If you are looking for a companion house cat, the Birman is an excellent choice. They don’t need a lot of room, but they love playing and chasing other pets. Read our Birman breed profile to learn more about this gorgeous cat.

Persian – Friendly Indoor Cat Breed

best indoor cat

Happy to have time alone; Persian cats also like company when available. They are gentle, easygoing, and don’t care much for jumping around. They love to take it easy and are the perfect selection for small-space living. Learn more about keeping the Persian breed as an indoor cat.

Russian Blue – Small Indoor Cat Breed

best indoor cat for apartments

Quiet introverts, the Russian Blue don’t need much space and enjoy sitting up high, taking in their surroundings. An affectionate breed, they don’t need all your focus and time and are content to hang out in a sunny spot on their own.

It’s no wonder the Russian Blue cat breed is a popular choice as an indoor cat.

British Short Hair – Best for Small Apartments

best indoor american short hair cat breed

Highly adaptable, this breed can thrive in small space living. They love to lounge around almost as much as they love to eat – be careful not to overfeed. These guys love challenging play and have large heads and beautiful round eyes. Learn more about the British Shorthair cat here.

Ragdoll – Most Affectionate Indoor Cat Breed

best indoor ragdoll cat breed

They are named for the fact that they tend to relax and go limp (like a ragdoll) when being held. Ragdolls are highly adaptable and love to follow you around the home. Who can resist those blue eyes? Not me! Our Ragdoll page discusses further why these gorgeous kitties make the best indoor pets.

Is it Okay to have an Indoor Only Cat?

Studies show that cats indoors live much longer than those who roam freely as they please. Cats can thrive indoors if you give your cat access to vertical space, toys, and games.

Can Any Cat Be an Indoor Cat?

Any cat can live a full and healthy life indoors with suitable cat enrichment toys, climbing structures, and activities.

Can an Outdoor Cat Become an Indoor Cat?

You can transition an outdoor cat to an indoor cat. It’s best to start this process in Winter when cats naturally want to spend more time inside. Start by keeping them indoors overnight and gradually extend the time. Our article offers further advice on how to make an outdoor cat an indoor cat.

Ready to get your indoor cat?

Please consider adopting a pet. The ASPCA website has a wealth of information to help you prepare to adopt a cat or kitten from an animal shelter or rescue group in your area. Our two cats are rescued ones, and they love being indoor cats.

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